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The internet is great medium to reach everything as all information is available on the internet. Now there is no need to go physically, you just need to click via mouse on the internet and all the information for specifics you may get in your hand. The internet has now opened the new way of buying and selling as you can sale or purchases the products or services through the internet just by following few rules as it has now been made secure by using tools or techniques.
E-commerce is the not a new term for people. Individuals are using it for selling or purchasing via electronic medium. You can do online shopping, auctions, internet banking, electronic payments and many more. We do more research on Ecommerce Industries along some top noach performance in the world as a leading Ecommerce Web Design Company.

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E-commerce incorporates Information and communication technology, electronic fund transfer to make commerce between consumer and consumer, consumer and business, as well as business and business. Now using e-commerce you may enable to transfer the huge amounts within seconds but in more secure ways.

Now all things are available on the internet along affordable prices. No matter if you are educated or not, you just need an internet connection and you can sell or own things via this medium. You may purchase everything over the internet with the help of e-commerce and there is no need to stand for a long time in the queue as all the information is available in your hand. You just need to click on the links to get all information for specifics.

Ecommerce web design company in chennai

What is Ecommerce?

It is also called electronic commerce. It is the process of selling or owning the goods or services through an electronic medium such as the internet. In this there is no need of paper all is done in digital form.

Online Shopping

Purchasing and offering merchandise on the Internet is a standout amongst the most prominent cases of e-commerce. Vendors make storefronts that are the online parts of retail outlets. Purchasers scan and own assets with mouse clicks. In spite of the fact that is not the pioneer of internet shopping, it is apparently the most renowned web shopping destination.

Electronic Payments

When you are purchasing products on the web, there should be a component to pay online as well. That is the place installment processors and installment passages come into the photo. Electronic installments decrease the wastefulness connected with composing and mailing checks. It likewise gets rid of a number of the wellbeing issues that emerge because of installment made in coin notes.

Internet Banking

Now there is no need to go bank branch since all gamut can be done online. You can do all things like payments, recharge, billings etc just in few steps.

Online Ticketing

Any types of ticket can be booked through online such as Play tickets, Air tickets, Train Tickets, and many more. Now there is no need to stand for a long time in the queue. All can be done online just by following few steps.

Types of E-commerce

There are basically four categories of Ecommerce we studied: B2B, B2C, C2B, C2C etc


It is the short form of Business to Business. It involves companies which do business with each other.


It is the short form of Business to Consumer. In this companies do business with public without any human interaction.


It is the short form of Consumer to Business. In this consumer interact with firms for business directly without involving any intermediate.


It is the short form of Consumer to Consumer. In this consumer have direct interaction with consumers for doing business.

Specialized Forms of E-commerce


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It is the short form of Facebook Commerce. Owing more popularity of Facebook among people has created new business ways.

Advantage of E-commerce


Through e-commerce you may enable to choose various varieties of the product along with affordable prices.


Easy to handle all the available services.


What is Prestashop?
It is open source, free e-commerce solution. It has been published under open source license. It has been written in PHP language which also supports MySQL databases.
Prestashop has many built-in features for managing payments, product listing, manufacturers, suppliers, shipping as well. It also offers web template which allows the users to customize the theme of the store and we may also add more features to it. It provides a platform to sell themes or modules.
By default, it offers you responsive themes. Users may install or create the themes that may create or change the display of the website.
We can add more functionality by adding more modules.
Main Characteristics of Prestashop

It is study under front or back office.

Front office features
  • Homepage with featured products
  • Image zoom featured products
  • Users subscriptions and their accounts
  • Check out for Google
Back office features
  • Text editors with full featured
  • Countless categories and subcategories
  • Distinct currency settings and settings of tax
  • Delivery notification which is customizable
  • SSL encryption


What is Magento?
It is powerful or fast growing e-commerce solution. It is open source e-commerce platform that offers you the platform for payments gateways. It is flexible, modular design and also provides great options which users may use to make tasks easy. It provides marketing, SEO and catalog management tools. Magento is basically meant for those users who are not developers.
Magento Features

By default, it offers you responsive themes. Users may install or create the themes that may create or change the display of the website. Ecommerce Web Design Company not only creating modules but also manage to maintain the standard coding according to wordpress development.

Magento has built many plug-ins to enhance the functionality. We can install by downloading them, uploading them and even can add extensions for various purposes.
Benefits of Magento
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to add plug-in or layouts
  • Open source technology
  • Offers various discounts during checkout
  • Offers more payment gateways
  • Allows to utilize various promoting or marketing tools
  • Easy to integrate with various analytics tools
  • Offers various options when comes to customer services


What is Woocommerce?

It is open source plug-in for e-commerce. It is basically designed for small to large merchants via the use of WordPress. It allows you to sell anything that you intend. It is integrated with more powerful features of WordPress which may support numerous online stores. With regards to Best Ecommerce Web Design Company in the market lot of features implemented into the websites we create.

Certain characteristics of the Online Stores
Sell anything and anywhere
with the help of this online method, you may enable to sell both physical or digital goods of all shapes or sizes, categories of product, instant downloads or many others offerings. With the help of premium extensions, you may offer memberships, bookings or subscriptions and can do a lot more.
Ship wherever you intend
with this facilities you may enable to ship all the products wherever you intend. It offers you flat shipping, free shipping and that also makes the real time calculations as well.
Numerous payment options
Woocommerce offers you various payments options such as credit card, debit cards etc. If the user wants more additional choices of the payment gateways ten they may avail it.
You control it all
It provides you the total control of the online store. You can control some of the choices such as change your design, add or remove extensions, change settings as well. Since you have complete control on it so there is no need to worry.